What counts in my job is the patient – the horse – and whatever one might write about oneself, eventually it will be the horse itself telling us, whether it feels alright before, during and after the treatment and whether this will ultimately have been a success.
My work´s result is based as much on know-how as on handling the animal with just the right amount of trust and respect. My patients are always very calm and focused on me; a fact which I cannot quite account for myself. The horse is given enough time to get used to me, it can feel my own calm and will cooperate. The treatment will be carried out in an atmosphere full of trust and free of stress for the horse and its owner alike.

I work with horses and ponies from all fields of equine sports, from Shetland Ponies to members of the Olympic team…

With my competence and experience of many years in this job your horse will be in good hands here.