I caught the „horse bug“ very early and soon developed a passion for horses, which has remained with me till the present day and will hopefully continue to do so for a very long time in my private as well as professional life.

For many years I actively pursued this sport taking part in competitions until in the 1990s I decided to take further education in equine dentistry. One of my own horses` serious dental problems, which just could not be remedied at that time, were decisive in this decision making.

Having made first experiences in the field of equine dentistry in Belgium, I went overseas to the US, where I was trained to be a recognized equine dentist. After the training I worked in several clinics and stud farms in order to gather the required practical experience. In early 2002 another set of training courses and the Master Equine Dentist´s Diploma followed.

Back in Europe I have since then been working in this profession treating many horses at home and abroad, which has turned out equally successful and gratifying.