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    Dental Problems

There are a wide range of hints at dental problems, which can become manifest in a horse´s food intake, its performance, its general wellbeing and even visible changes in its appearance.

I would like to mention only a few examples for potential signs of dental problems here:

- Weightloss and dullness of the horse`s coat
- Difficulty prehending and / or masticating food
- Dropping food while chewing
- Dribbling or quidding feed
- Bad breath
- Swelling around the jawbone / larynx
- Digestive disturbances (e.g. choke, colic, diarrhea)
- While riding: throwing the head around, rearing, keeping a stiff neck, sticking out the tongue, leaving traces of blood on the bit

For the horse´s wellbeing as well as for the rider´s safety an immediate check/treatment of the teeth is vital as soon as any of these or other signs appear.